Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

Car accidents are terrifying, distressful experiences that can leave victims with serious injuries, costly vehicle repairs and financial strain. After being involved in an accident, it’s paramount that you first attend to your health and wellbeing before gathering evidence at the scene of the crash and documenting everything about what transpired – including exchanging contact info with other drivers involved and photographing injuries and property damage. You should always contact law enforcement or file an incident report with DMV after an incident occurs.

Dependent upon the circumstances surrounding your case, an attorney may or may not be necessary. An experienced car accident attorney can help assess injuries and property damages accurately, negotiate an equitable settlement or verdict with insurance providers or opposing parties and even guide a lawsuit proceeding as needed.

An experienced car accident lawyer offers considerable knowledge and resources in terms of law and resources such as medical professionals and accident reconstruction experts, making them well equipped to assess your claim and offer detailed feedback regarding its strengths and weaknesses, potential consequences of accepting lowball offers, as well as help making informed decisions regarding whether accepting such offers would be wise or not.

Decisions on hiring an auto accident attorney usually depend on the severity and extent of injuries sustained in an accident, the amount of property damage sustained and how long you might miss work as a result of it. Whether handling it yourself or consulting with an attorney, it is crucial that all losses related to an accident such as medical bills and vehicle repair estimates, lost wages as a result of missed work days and out-of-pocket expenses associated with prescription medications and transportation are documented properly and thoroughly documented in order to maximize potential compensation claims.

As soon as an accident has taken place, it is wise to seek medical evaluation. Even if you feel fine immediately after your crash, visiting a physician so they can check for hidden or delayed injuries can only do good for both parties involved. In addition, keeping a diary detailing thoughts and emotions related to your crash as well as any physical symptoms might also prove beneficial.

Most auto accident claims can be settled amicably through negotiations between both insurance companies involved. If both drivers admit legal responsibility for the collision, a lawyer should usually be able to reach an equitable and timely agreement; litigation would only become necessary if either driver denies liability or you don’t accept their initial settlement offer from their insurance provider.

If you aren’t sure whether or not a car accident attorney is necessary, reach out to The Barnes Firm and schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced lawyers. At your first meeting we’ll evaluate the details of your crash while answering any queries that arise. As our services operate on a contingency fee basis – meaning only when we win your case will we charge any fees! This ensures we keep our client’s best interests at heart while working to obtain maximum compensation possible in your case.

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