How to Become a Finance Lawyer

Do you wish to become a finance lawyer but are uncertain how? Maybe law school was for you but not so much a fit; maybe a career change into finance might be more intriguing? Maybe your background includes trading and compliance work in addition to your JD. If so, please read this article and discover more about their career path as a finance lawyer, as well as steps for becoming one.

Finance lawyers are legal professionals specialized in banking, investment and contract law matters. They often deal with regulatory compliance matters that span different jurisdictions around the globe as well as dealing with securities issuance and providing advice regarding corporate finance, capital markets, private equity investments or any other financial institutions that their clients might operate within.

Breaking into finance law is no simple feat, requiring an impressive combination of academic achievement, work experience and passion for the topic. Therefore, it is wise to assess whether finance law interests you before diving in headfirst – watch some earnings reports or market-related news broadcasts and see if any particular stories grab your interest.

Finance lawyers must possess an unbreakable mindset in order to endure the pressures of the financial markets and remain calm under pressure. Furthermore, they should possess excellent communicators with an ability to quickly sort through complex information in order to provide practical advice to clients.

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