How to Get Legal Advice From a Lawyer

At times, reliable legal advice can assist in making more informed decisions about personal matters. An attorney can guide your decisions as you create a will or other estate planning documents, purchase real estate or resolve property disputes.

Baker Donelson has provided significant investments into ABA Free Legal Answers through strategic leadership, website development and technology services, attorney volunteerism as well as providing brief legal advice for civil (noncriminal) matters. We thank them immensely.Find a LawyerSearching for an attorney to represent you may seem like a daunting task, especially for those with limited resources. Luckily, there are multiple options available to you that can help you secure quality legal representation – one such service being Lawyer Referral Services which provide attorneys according to your type of issue and budgetary considerations.An alternative option for finding legal assistance is asking trusted friends and family for referrals. If no one in their circle knows of anyone suitable, they may be able to direct you towards a professional association or nonprofit group who might provide help; these groups often maintain lists of attorneys offering pro bono (free) representation.When meeting with potential attorneys, pay attention to experience and personal chemistry. If something doesn’t feel quite right during your first meeting, trust your instincts and choose another attorney. Also keep accessibility and availability in mind: How quickly does they respond to you or how do they handle tasks?Consult a Lawyer OnlineLegal services that connect users with attorneys online for virtual consultations include LegalMatch. Their service connects them with attorneys based on information provided about your case – and all this at no cost for users!ABA Free Legal Answers serves as a virtual walk-in clinic for civil legal questions. Qualifying individuals or businesses post their query to the website, where an attorney volunteer will offer guidance and counsel regarding non-criminal matters. The site aims to increase access to legal advice for those who cannot afford private legal counsel.UpCounsel connects you with independent attorneys for one-time legal consulting. Their marketplace allows you to search for attorneys who specialize in your specific legal issue, review reviews of attorneys before choosing one as your consultant. LegalZoom offers similar one-time online personal legal consultation plans; its top plan even lets you hire freelance counsel!Consult a Lawyer in PersonLegal consultations provide an opportunity to meet with an attorney and determine whether they will represent your case. Many lawyers offer free initial legal consultations as an initial meeting between themselves and potential new clients.When meeting with an attorney, be prepared with a list of questions to pose and any relevant documents to share. Also bring along a notepad so you can write down their responses later and remember them easily.If you are considering hiring an attorney to assist with your case, it is essential that you know their fees upfront. Always get this agreement in writing. Furthermore, inquire as to when they can answer phone calls or emails as well as the payment plan options and retainer costs available to them. Many lawyers also offer limited legal services to pro se litigants (that is when someone represents themselves without legal assistance) who require limited assistance in legal matters.Consult a Lawyer on the PhoneAlternatively, phone consultation can provide immediate legal advice when needed quickly. In just a short conversation with an attorney over the phone, they can assess your situation and give an idea of if they can assist. If they cannot, they may be able to refer you to another professional that could better meet your needs than google would be able to.At your initial phone consultation with an attorney, listen for how easy they make it for you to understand their legal issue and discuss any questions that arise during this initial discussion. Also take note of any references or testimonials available online for them.As you make the selection process of an attorney for your legal issues, use common sense and trust your instincts. Finding an attorney who fits you and your issues well as well as being trustworthy to provide exceptional legal representation should be your top priority.

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