Is Kim Kardashian a Lawyer ?

Kim Kardashian has an extremely busy lifestyle as the owner and star of a multimillion-dollar shapewear business and reality show hostess of her own brand of shapewear; therefore, some fans may wonder whether or not she has time to pursue her goal of becoming a lawyer – the answer being “Yes”, although it will take longer than expected to accomplish her goal. Kim has made strides toward this end as well. Her late father made significant efforts towards this end, leading Kim on this path toward legal practice as an ally and role model – with Kim’s late father’s death she decided on this path towards legal practice; now, however, this goal lies with Kim and she has made significant headway towards becoming one.

Step one to becoming a lawyer is passing the bar exam, and Kim Kardashian has already done that by passing both exams for baby bar. Now she needs to pass state bar as well and she’ll be free to practice law in California.

Kim Kardashian first made her intention known in a 2019 Vogue cover story when she began training to become a lawyer to pursue criminal justice reform. Since then, she’s been training through an apprenticeship program similar to law school; even lobbying President Donald Trump to sign prison and sentencing reform legislation into law. By 2021 she had successfully passed her first-year law students’ examination (FYLSX), commonly known as “baby bar”. Kim has documented her studies via social media posts while prepping for her second bar exam in 2025.

Kim Kardashian may be criticized for not attending law school, but she remains determined in her pursuit of becoming an attorney. She’s used her celebrity status to raise awareness about her legal journey and encourage others to obtain education – while using social media platforms such as Instagram to raise money for various legal causes.

Kim Kardashian has taken an exciting step into acting. She will soon appear in a scripted legal drama on Hulu that will be overseen by American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy and center on an elite divorce attorney.

Kim Kardashian may or may not star in the new drama series, but it will certainly be intriguing to watch her character unfold on screen. Kim is well known for taking on challenging projects and it could be interesting watching Kim make the transition into becoming an attorney on TV.

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