Six Essential Items to Keep in Your Bag

An organized bag is key to an enjoyable day. Marie Kondo and other organization experts have highlighted the significance of keeping a clean handbag at all times, which will prevent forgetting important items or feeling overwhelmed by clutter. Here are six essentials you should keep in your bag at all times for peace of mind.

Your work bag should always contain basic supplies to prepare you for anything – from unexpected meetings and commutes, to headaches, blisters, papercuts or workout sessions when your hands get sweaty or grimy. An emergency kit provides easy solutions to problems like these; an added benefit may be providing quick relief during workout sessions when sweaty hands need treating quickly!

Carrying around a few simple makeup products will make it easier to touch up your look day or night. Consider including concealer/powder, lipstick, eyeshadows and a small brush in your bag; there are various cosmetic bags designed specifically to store these items and maintain their shape.

Hand sanitizer is an easy and efficient way to rid yourself of germs lurking on public transit handrails, bathroom doorknobs and your phone screen. Keeping some handy can come in handy when running late for gym class or not being near an accessible sink.

Hair ties can snap at any moment and leave you in an awkward situation; so always carry extras in your bag. Wet wipes should also be an essential item in case of accidental spillage or wetness on the go.

No one knows when they may need a midnight hospital visit for an aging parent or child, or have to stay overnight at work or a client’s residence; having an emergency bag ready can save time and energy by eliminating time wasted looking for items needed in an emergency situation.

Emergency kits should include more than the basic first aid supplies; in addition to water and flashlight, an emergency kit should contain a water bottle and flashlight for staying hydrated while traveling, and for use during power outages or unexpected darkness in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

If your larger items don’t fit into your purse, create a pouch to store them right in your briefcase or computer bag – this will free up space in your regular purse for other essentials and help prevent overpacking on weekends!

Maintaining an organized gym bag will set you up for success during every training session. Essential items should include a towel, foam roller or massage ball for post-workout recovery and sports bra to support you during sweaty sessions. All these lightweight accessories make reaching fitness goals with confidence easy!

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